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Late Model (Pre-1990) & Classic Truck, Tractor & Equipment Repair & Maintenance

Whether it’s a checkup to a loyal classic piece of equipment or revival of something that’s been sitting for years, we love working with late-model tractors and equipment. We can loosen up frozen engines, convert electrical, get the gunk out of carburetors , flush a fuel system, perform routine maintenance, troubleshoot your problems & more.

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Tractor Been Sitting for Years?

We’ve got a number of tricks to revive old tractors and equipment the have been sitting for far too long. Frozen engines & gummed up carberuators, old fuel etc.. we’ll give her all she needs to get back to work.

Repairs and Maintenance to your Late Model Equipment

Routine maintenance & engine tweaking to ensure your classic machine will last you many more years.

Electric System Conversions (from 6v to 12v) as well.

We have experience upgrading classic tractors from a 6v electrical to a 12v. We can discuss with you the pros and cons of the process, order the parts and do the transition for you if that’s the route you’d like to go.