Full Home Clean Outs & Disposal of Items & Debris

Whatever the reason you have a full home of items that need removed, we’re here to help.

We work with Banks/Realtors to get an abandoned estate or REO Property ready for sale. We can not only remove all items left in the home ( garbage & non garbage), but we can also perform the full yard clean up to add to the home’s curb appeal, tear out damaged (moldy, dirty, waterlogged, used beyond repair) carpet, drywall, panelling, cabinets etc. to prepare for construction or to leave a blank slate (instead of a mess) for the new home owners. We can also secure homes (board up windows/doors) & change locks as needed.

We work with families, Realtors  and Auctioneers that represent an estate to clear out items leftover that are unclaimed by family or unsold from estate sales. We understand how imperative it is that things move quickly and smoothly to stay on schedule, work with out of town family members & get the job done professionally and efficiently.

We work with individuals and families that have found themselves with a hoarding situation or who have collected too many items to keep. We can clean out a full house, or just one room, just one area, X amount of yards etc.. whatever works best for you. We work closely and openly with all involved, handling what can be a difficult situation with us much understanding and compassion as possible.

We work with property managers and landlords to clean out leftover items and debris from properties after tenants move out. We also can provide eviction services on day of bailiff removal & pickup from street and dispose if items not picked up after required time (storage is available should the requirement be storing removed items for specified amount of time).

Give us a call at 419-243-3796 to discuss your property clean out today…

Junk Removal, Property Clean-Out & Disposal Work in Toeldo & Surrounding Areas